Robert Winer, M.D.



I’m a psychiatrist in private practice in Bethesda, Maryland. I’ve put together this website to show how I think as a therapist. Each of us in this field has found a way of working that makes sense to us – we aren’t cut from the same cloth. My approach is relational.

I begin with the question “Why therapy?” and consider the reasons people come to see me. I then lay out the various kinds of work I do – seeing individuals, couples, and families – and how I think about what we’re hoping to accomplish together.

I also talk about how I’ve developed my career, the sort of work I’ve done, the things I speak and write about, the training I participate in. In a section called Musings, my blog, I develop my thoughts on various psychological issues in more depth. In my first posting there I take up the touchy question of what it means to have a legacy in Freud.

I welcome responses to my ideas – contact information is on one of the tabs. And I hope you find all this useful.

Education and Training

Harvard College
Yale Medical School
Yale Psychiatric Residency
National Institutes of Health
Washington Psychoanalytic Institute